About Yhodesign Graphic Design & Illustrator



I was born and raised in Borneo and moved to New Zealand to pursue my career as a designer / artist.  Since I was kid, I've always had an eye for art.   Painting, music, murals and you name it, i like most of it, not to mention fashion design .. I AM LOVIN IT !!

I live in Christchurch having moved here in September 2017, after ten years in Auckland and Palmerston North.

Yhodesign is an art studio for my works and illustrations, that I create with passion and love.  For me exploring a new style of every aspects of design is a MUST, I always keep learning new trends. Even though, I always stick to my true style; I like it clean, tidy and easy for people to read the message behind what I design. 

I specialise on branding / logo design, geometric illustration, handwriting / lettering and conceptual design.

For me high quality service and the best possible finished product to my clients is my top priority. Time is precious and I work wisely to get the best result, so my clients are able to use the service and product as fast as possible without compromise the quality or usefulness.  As Peter Drucker says “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what clients get out of it.”

I also love fitness and healthy living, sport, photography, travelling, shopping, reading, singing..lots of them :) we can talk hours for what I like..better I stop :)

Finally, if you have ANY design projects that demand a point of difference, or you require an original illustration, please leave me a message in my email.